Professionals who are concerned about the developments, who work with professionals from other areas, who know the issues that concern us as property owners or managers, who with the valuable guidance of POMIDA and especially the president Mrs. Stratos Paradias we were able to organize and create our Union and where we will try to promote these issues with the help of our members.


After many months of effort, an effort has been made which we believe will highlight the concept of ownership at the forefront of citizens and politicians, while helping to understand how we should think and act to give our property the added value it needs. to really have but also to respect others this value. Depreciation of an asset is the rule now and it must be reversed. Our concern is the organization, the information, the claiming and the resolution on behalf of our members but also of the rest of the issues that concern us.


The Board of the association promises the constant support to the members of the Association but also to anyone who comes in contact with us asking us a question.